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In 1995, Quantas, a company made for designing the ''clothing'' for leisure foods, was born in a time that no one valued the food package.

Quantas found food package is not just as the words ''Food Packing'', it could not only for packing but also for fun and fashion. We think “If the aesthetic package brings happiness to food, the food can brings gladness to people.”

In 1998, Quantas established POPSTAR to provide raw materials and snack foods for cinemas and R&F channel which laid the foundation for the Kingdom of Quantas.

In 2001, with the guiding principles of vision, professional, joyful and leisure established Quantas Group to provide one-stop service.

"Food package Designer, Leisure and Fun Food Kingdom"

Main products

Food Packaging and containers

Various paper and plastic food containers (hot cups, cold cups, boxes, transparent cups and lids)

raw material

Popcorn kernels, popcorn specialized sugar, popcorn seasonings, imported coconut oil, compound S sugar etc.

snack foods

POPSTAR provides sausages, hot dog bun, Tortilla, Chicken/beef rolls, various food seasonings, etc.

movie derivatives

Licensed Movie Derivatives: Movie promotion Cups, 3D Cups, Transparent IML Cups, Foil Embossed IML Cups, clear PET Cups, Blow Molded Cups, Topper Lids, Wearable High-end Item Sets, 1:1 figure toppers, plush and other toys.

machines and equipment

Imported the famous American brand Gold Medal equipment - popcorn machine, warmer, cotton candy machine, and provide professional after-sales maintenance.

Over the past 20 years, we have continuously received international accreditation and recognition for many years. Not only have we received the Golden Eagle Award and medals presented by the famous American brand Gold Medal, but also maintained a stable and cooperative relationship with customers such as Coca-Cola, KFC and Mr. Brown café. Group companies such as coffee have maintained a stable and cooperative relationship for a long time.

It’s our expectation to provide prospective, professional, caring , assured products and service which is based on our continuous research, development, innovation and solid foundation.

Service line: (02)8751-3322


"Solving customers most concern issues is always our priority!"

- Founder , Mr. Hank Lin and Mrs. Uko Wang



"Professional", "Joyful", and "Leisure " for Guiding Principles, we established Great-Quantas international INC. for the majority international customers to provide one-stop shopping services for films and food packaging markets.


Established Popstar Foodservice Corp. to provide raw materials and snack foods for cinemas & R&F channel.


Established P.S.T. POPCORN STATION FOOD SERVICE CORP , officially established an office in Shanghai.


Established Prostar Food Service Co., Ltd., opened food factory in Linkou.

Business Partners

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Related Certification

  • FSSC 22000  Food Safety System Certification
    FSSC 22000  Food Safety System Certification
  • ISO 9001 Quality management
    ISO 9001 Quality management