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From idea to reality, we made our dream come true and also witnessed a lot of "firsts" in Taiwan, such as the first fast food chain store, the first coffee shop, the first cinemas, ... etc.

Unlike the others, Quantas has an unique vision and hold our ground in a generally cognitive environment. Even though it's a small part in the whole business operation, but it's a very important factor which leads to success. Insisting on good quality and uniqueness, our top goal is to satisfy our clients' need. We attentively observe the market with our heart, realizing that food container is not only for using, but also to be admired and create the value it contains. Thus, we persist in our ideas and follow the fashion of the world. Where there is new and good product, there is Quantas! Our professional vision could be proved by completing impossible mission constantly.

Till now, as an agent of different foreign food companies, we keep introducing and also importing various kinds of food to Taiwan in order to achieve different demands of all our clients. To carry out that "fashion" could be created and steady business growth could be expected.


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